Different stages of experienced reality

Udgivet den 14. september 2010 17:17

In any given situation we are creating an endless number of versions of that situation. Well actually that is a non-logical statement, because a version of a situation will not be the same as another version so lets try out again here.
Last night I had a series of 3 dreams where the 1. was something with drinking coffee with some friends or family, the other I dont quite remember, only that it was very different from the first and a bit more dramatic, the last dream was this: I am walking with some friends or family in a beautiful landscape with trees and mountains and stuff. The colors are indicating springtime. I walk on a pipeline alongside the mountain road and enjoy the balance excersise. Suddenly the pipeline ends and I look down at a river that runs in the valley some 50 meter or so below. In the dream I begin with stopping my self just in time so that I can return and cross the valley on a bridge just beside the pipeline. At the same time I decide to let my self step over the end of the pipeline and begin the free fall in the strong faith that the river is deep enough to embrace me when I reach it and I think it could be fun to make that dive. At the same time I see that the river isn’t deep enough and that I probably will get smashed on the rock bottom of it. At the same time I manage to get one hand at the end of the pipeline and get help from the people I am with and at the same time loosing my hold of the pipeline, in the end I wake up and recall my dreams.
In the dream I just went through a lot of different outcomes of me balancing on a pipe leading into a free fall. Of cause the balancing on a pipeline, during a leisurely walk, in beautiful and majestic surroundings, with people I love, is a view on my life that points out that basically I am happy with the people around me, my physical environment and I enjoy the balancing excercise, on something where water can run, but when the pipeline stops I have a descision to make, whether getting to the larger stream of water in the valley is safe enough to actually take the jump, or let my self fall in faith that there is enough water or what ever.
One thing is how i interpret the dream with regards to my own life: my interpretation of it is that i walk on a controlled and limited (by the pipeline) stream of energy (flowing water is for me a symbol of energy in motion) I am happy about my surroundings, and the company and it is springtime, meaning a new beginning. Then the stream of energy stops and to get to the bigger and wilder stream of energy I will have to let my self fall down having faith that it is both enjoyable and safe, but I also have some other possible outcomes, that I can continue as always and take the safe bridge over the valley or that my faith is misplaced and I hit rockbottom or that I almost fall but my loved ones safe me. It is a picture o my life as it is now, a picture of my hopes and fears, with regards to take the leap of faith of a positive outcome of me following my desires and living my purpose.
The lesson in it with regards to creating ones own living experience, is that our expectations of what will happen if we choose this or that, is what in each moment creates the outcomes. My first intution in the dream was that the free fall would be safe and enjoyable, but then my doubt started and I ended up trying to get back with a little help from my friends, being really frightened.
We automatically create each and every outcome every moment of our life, and it is up to ourselves to choose whatever scenario we want to experience. What really creates every scenario is a generel mixture of emotions, beliefs and point of focus. Our beliefs is what gives us the structure of each experience, our emotions and the intensity of them are what colors and energizes the events into actulization, our point of focus is our interests, desire and purpose that guides us towards specific areas of probable situations we choose between. Artists can have periods where they paint people or nature or cities, sometimes choosing different colors to work with. A blue period, a green period and so on, but most of the time you can see the personal touch of an artist in each and every creation the artist makes. The same goes for creating our lives, the fokus can shift, the emotions can differ and the structure can be different from the previous, but our lives wil always have our own personal touch, no matter what we choose to belief, what we feel and what we’re interested in at the moment.
Think about it and if you have any questions feel free to ask them or if you have any other commens on this please comment.:-)
Love BenedikteEva

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